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ISQBP President's Meeting
Molecular Structure and Dynamics in Biology

Call for Papers

Conference proceedings

Here is The Table of Content of the Special Issue

The conference proceedings will be published by the International Journal of Quantum Chemistry-Biophysics Quarterly as a special issue.

Speakers and participants willing to submit a paper are invited to bring their manuscripts with them to the meeting.
Alternatively, they can mail their manuscripts to one of the addresses below, with a cover letter stating that the manuscript is for the Molecular Structure and Dynamics in Biology Proceedings.

Editorial Assistant, IJQC   Leif A. Eriksson
University of Florida   Editorial Office IJQC
Quantum Theory Project   Department of Quantum Chemistry
P.O.Box 118435   Box 518, Uppsala University
Gainesville, FL 32611-8435, USA   S-751 20 Uppsala, Sweden

The absolute deadline for submission will be Nov. 15, 1998, with the warning that:

Manuscripts not accepted before Dec. 29, 1998 will go into the following BQ issues as regular manuscripts once accepted.


C.N.R. - I.C.Q.E.M.